Thursday, November 12, 2009

30 weeks!


Thirty weeks! Whew. Can't believe it's already here! I had to change venues for my picture this week...the kids were totally commandeering the bathroom and they kept sticking their heads into the picture. Can't have that. Things are going about the same as the other day...just getting as far along as we can.

I meant to post last night, but I got into a huge debate with a friend of mine from high school who just moved down here from's funny, there are several people from my high school who have moved to Florida. Strange. Anyway, we were talking about his new job on the phone last night while I was trying to post, and I didn't get anything done, because he likes to argue about everything. You know those people? I bet you know at least one. EVERYTHING. And I know that. I have known him for over 10 years. I know he will argue and argue and argue forever and it won't matter if he's wrong, even if he knows he's wrong. He. Will. NEVER. admit it. I know this. I should know better than to get sucked in. He will argue that green is blue. Period. He does it on purpose. Drives me insane. (Sidenote...he is a very close friend, so he won't be mad at me for telling you all he drives me up the wall).

And yet, apparently, I just can't back down from a challenge, because no matter how many times I said "I don't want to talk about ________ because I don't feel like arguing..." before I knew it we were doing just that.

Thank Goodness my phone ended up dying. I was about to pass out from the debate and my phone came to my rescue and died. I was so delirious from arguing some point I couldn't even remember for over an hour that I completely forgot what I had been trying to do before he called.

Yeah, so that's why I didn't post. Pretty good as far as excuses go, right?

 Seth is standing right next to me on the couch holding my phone up to his ear and saying "Hewoo? Apple! No! Apple! Yeah! Bye Bye!" and slamming it down. It's hilarious.

The other kids are really dragging this morning...Ava was invited to bring a friend night at Awana last night and now she's hooked. She's a huge memory verse person, so once she found out she could say verses...and get Awana bucks...that she could use to buy things, she was in love. She recited three new verses last night and came home with three Awana Bucks. She's obsessed. Obsessed, I tell you. It's hilarious. But what happened to the beanies? When I was in Awana's, the kids wore some awesome beanies, and now they just wear red vests. Not nearly as cool or fashionable.

Just remembered I forgot to pack lunches. See, this is what posting does to me.

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