Monday, November 16, 2009

Can't forget the Knight...

I just can't do cute photo posts of both Ava and Seth without throwing in some cute pictures of my man of the house. Yes, these posts are short on content but long on cute! Besides, I'm feeling dramatic tonight and believe me, you do not feel like hearing me kvetch. Like, for instance, did you know that my dishwasher is broken? I tried to fix it but I broke it more. That was frustrating. And I still only have one working bathroom, although I have done just about everything with a toilet snake you can do, and I will forever feel a little dirty because of it. And my refrigerator is making a very strange sound. My houses organs seem to be slowly shutting down. But...oh yeah, this is a post about Jace, yes?


Yes. Such a happy boy...he is in love with his Pre-K teacher this year, and he thinks she is the prettiest girl in his class. She is pretty amazing, I have to say. He left his sweatshirt at school today and when he realized it he told me "Wow, that wasn't a very good idea. I really should have remembered it." Totally rational response. You might not think much of that, but if you saw him last year, when he got sent home from school because he couldn't recover from the trifecta of broken potato chips, uneven socks, and a wrinkled rest time towel and had to be picked up early because he had the tantrum to end all tantrums, you would see how far he's come. (Wow, that was a crazy long sentence. Sorry.) I am loving four on Jace so, so much more than three. Three was a tough one for us.


He loves his brother and sister and is excited about the new baby and is already asking when we can have another one. "Let's have ten more babies!" He tells me all the time. I tell him maybe we'll take it one at a time. I guess it's a good thing that he looks at new siblings in a positive light, but there is no way I am having ten more babies. Seriously, dude.


He's starting to branch out with his career choices, and he's now contemplating either being a knight or a clown when he grows up. Because those are both definitely up and coming professions in our area, you know. He also says that the main thing he is going to do when he grows up is never, ever move out of my house and live with me forever.

Fine with me, buddy.
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