Saturday, November 28, 2009

Grilled Cheese, no change

We're still hanging in there.

I defaulted back to my old standby of grilled cheese for dinner tonight...last night I tried to branch out but it just wasn't the same. I am, apparently, a creature of habit. I know. I'm as surprised as you are. As much as I like to tell myself I'm spontaneous, I'm just not.

I also cried when I was seven and my family got a new car. I didn't want a new car. I wanted the old car back and I pitched a major fit. So being unhappy with change is nothing new for me.

Ava called me on the phone today, and she said "So, how are things going today? Did you eat breakfast? How was that?" It cracks me up how much of a conversationalist she's becoming. When they visited today, a couple of other friends were here, and Ava had to put on a show for them. After it was over, one of them asked if she was singing a song from High School Musical and I had to tell them that it was actually an Ava original. She makes up a lot of songs. Like, a lot. A lot. It's always interesting to hear, although sometimes the subject matter is pretty out there. For instance, her song about who's going to heaven and who's going to hell was a little bit intense. I'll have to see if I can transcribe the lyrics sometime, because it was priceless.

My mom just sent me a hilarious text message saying that the kids are playing "Narnia" at home and they keep talking about "Petah" with a strong british accent. Apparently it's a different name entirely than "Peter."

My friend Mara from next door is back in town tonight and on her way to hang out. Maybe the baby was waiting on her to get home to be born! We will see.

I just have to share this picture I took of Ava and Jace with my phone the other day. Are they not ridiculously cute? I think they look a lot alike in this picture. I guess this it what they would look like if we lived in a cold weather climate!

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