Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Seth, the sickness, and his Skin Its

I thought a post in honor of my sweet, blue eyed, half naked, farmers tan having, skin it wearing, pink eye contracting, still the baby boy was a good choice tonight.

First off, yes, I do dress him sometimes. I know it seems like he lives in nothing but a cloth diaper, but it's not true.

Not totally, at least. But to be honest, he does sleep in a diaper every night (the central air doesn't do a great job in his room) and eat in a diaper at every meal at home (he gets too messy to wear clothes), and since I'm pretty lazy, it seems silly to throw clothes on him when we're at home when it seems like we're always heading to or from a meal or a nap.

Plus, this week we have had no school and no therapies! So we're pretty much all just chilling in whatever this week. It feels so weird not to have eighteen places to be by 8 am! I am not looking forward to it all starting again on Monday, although we've all missed our friends.

Anyway, don't Seth's processors look smashing? The company that manufactures Seth's implants, Advanced Bionics, partnered with a company called Skin Its, who makes stick on covers for cell phones, lap tops, stuff like that, and now they make awesome decorations for his CIs! You can pick from about a zillion different designs, or even upload your own photos. Seeing as I was someone who used to stock up on every boyish sticker she could find to decorate his processors, these have been so fun to play with! I think making them look cool is one of the best ways to let people know that we're cool with talking about what's on Seth's head. I've noticed that when we have nothing on them, people ask what kind of medical device he has, and they act kind of turned off, or they just stare and don't ask. When they're decorated, they seem to feel more comfortable asking what in the world they are. And believe me, we have gotten some doozies...people have thought they were headphones for his own personal IPOD, and once someone asked if he was wearing a bluetooth device.


Anyway, I'm just loving being able to dress his processors up in a fun way, and personally, I think they really make his diaper pop.

Heh. That's funny because I never dress him in clothes. Get it? Get it?

Yeah, sorry, that was dumb.


Anyway, just when I thought Seth had escaped the pinkeye, he got gunky today. We had made a necessary run to the store, and Seth was not thrilled and was yelling about it to everyone who could hear him. When I looked at him in the stroller and saw his eyes getting gross, I tried to get him cleaned up quickly while we finished shopping. Ava noticed and she literally yelled "Oh no! Does he have the sickness?!"

Needless to say, I tried to get her to be quiet before everyone thought he had the swine flu or worse. It didn't work very well, and we had to leave because I didn't want anyone to think we were trying to infect anyone.

So I'm the last one standing, and I'm really, really hoping I don't get pinkeye! What is the deal with this stuff, seriously? I can still remember having pinkeye as a seven year old and it was miserable.

Luckily he's still a pretty happy camper, and while the big kids did some important work on Starfall, we spent the afternoon playing on the floor,, that's not very easy for me to do anymore! But it was apparently a very important component of the game Seth wanted to play, which was basically singing "The Wheels On The Bus" over and over while pushing a truck back and forth on the floor, then putting his hands on mine and making me do all the motions for patty cake, even though he won't do them on his own. He just likes to make me do it all.

But that's my baby. At least for a little while longer!

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