Friday, November 20, 2009

Sprung! Sort of.

UPDATE: I'm outta here! For now, at least...thanks for all of the prayers! Can't wait to get home. 

Well, Doctor G was just in here and I get to go home in a few hours! 

I have to wait for the 24 hour mark for my steroid shot, and then I will be free to go. Kind of. I'll go home for tomorrow, and come back on Sunday for monitoring. Then, assuming all goes well, I will go home and head to my normal OB appointment on Tuesday, then come back to the hospital for monitoring on Friday. That will get us to 32 weeks and 2 days, which is much better than now. As of now, though, baby girl is looking great, and the real contractions I'm having are not doing much yet as compared to the amount I was already dilated and effaced yesterday.

Kind of a strange arrangement, but it means I get to be at home with my kids longer, so I'm all for it!

The kids came to visit this afternoon and found every single hide and seek hiding place that the room had to offer. Ava was so funny...she sat on my bed with me and said "So, how did your day go? How was the shot last night? How much did it hurt? A lot? A little?" She's a very curious girl. I also got to watch Days of Our Lives, so both of those things were nice. What's not so nice is that I feel like my tailbone is about to break in half from this bed! Delivery beds were really, really not designed for long term sitting/laying. 

Gotta go so I can eat one more hospital grilled cheese before I go home to the kiddos. They're off school all of next week, and I still haven't figured out if that's a good or bad thing.

I'll check in from home!
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