Saturday, November 21, 2009

When it rains, it pours!

So when I got home last night, Jace was acting a a little off. His eyes were pretty irritated, and he just wasn't acting like himself.

By the middle of the night, he was literally screaming and writhing on the couch, crying because his throat and his eyes and his ears hurt so badly. He couldn't even lay down...he ended up sleeping sitting up on the couch. Then, Seth was up for about three hours, screaming his head off for no reason. Then Ava freaked out because she was the only one not freaking out.

We managed to survive the night and headed to urgent care late this morning, and it turns out Jace has conjunctivitis (Pink Eye), a double ear infection, and probably strep throat. How's that for a triple whammy? Poor little boy. He's never had an ear infection in his life. Or strep throat. Or pink eye, for that matter. I feel so bad for him. And bad for me, because man, oh man, is he ever miserable, and contagious, and I am totally freaking out about Ava and Seth getting it. Oh, and he started coughing. And now he's running a low fever. He's apparently getting every sickness in the world, all at once.

I mean, it's great timing in that the kids are off school next week. Not so great timing in that I could have a baby next week. Ugh.

And to think, my plan today was to write a post that had nothing to do with pregnancy or babies or kids at all. Best laid plans...

I'm going to try to catch a nap during their rest time. Please pray for Jace's eyes, ears, throat, and not none of the other kids (or me!) will catch anything.
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