Saturday, December 5, 2009

Anyone need an Evany fix?

I haven't been able to get many pictures of Evany lately. Yesterday I could barely make it down for feedings without falling over or throwing up due to the return of my spinal headache. They promised me there was only a 1% chance of that. As usual, our family gets every small percentage or side effect there is! They repeated the blood patch yesterday afternoon, and although I'm sore from having what basically amounts to an epidural for the fourth time since Evany was born, my head feels much better.

Last night I was able to get some shots of her hanging out after she nursed. She's such a champ. Excuse the IV in her head. It's not very conducive to cute pictures, but they had no choice. She's blown out an IV in both hands and feet now, and they didn't have many options. Hopefully (fingers crossed!) she'll be receiving a PICC line placement today and her head will get a rest.



So remember how I told you who I think Evany looks like? I took a picture of her last night and it immediately rang a bell, but I had to come get on the computer to figure out why. Check out this picture of Evany and one of her brothers while he was still in utero.


I have the pictures larger below so you can see them better, but I wanted you to see them side by side to see how much they resemble one another. The picture on the left is of Evany, and the picture on the right is of Eli when he was actually a little older than her...around 34 weeks. It's one of the last ultrasound pictures we got of him before he passed away. I think they look a LOT alike, and I think that she definitely got Eli's dark hair and nose!

She also resembles the other boys in the family quite a bit, but I see it most strongly with Eli and Seth.



I'm now officially discharged from the hospital as a patient, but I am "bed and breakfasting" it up here for the weekend so that Evany can get lots of nursing time in while I still have great help at home. This afternoon I'm going to head home for a while to hang out with my other children and hope they haven't forgotten all about me!

I need advice from you fellow  C Section ladies. What did you do when you got home and couldn't lift your other kids? Ava and Jace are no issue, but I am seriously racking my brain about what to do about Seth and getting him into his crib and car seat. There are some things we just don't have the luxury of skipping out on, and I will be on my own with the kids some of the time and there is just no way around it. Seth's taking steps, but still nowhere near independently walking. This is frustrating!

I hope everyone has a great afternoon!

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