Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Is your leg broke?

So, Seth's legs are broken.

I can't figure out which bones are affected...In fact, I can't find anything visibly wrong, but seriously...

He won't let me put him down. Like, at all. Ever.

So his legs must be broken, right? Because otherwise, I have the most spoiled almost 17 month old in the entire world.

Case in Point: Evany had to go back to the pediatrician today because her bilirubin counts are going up instead of down, which is annoying and could land her back in the hospital which I am not a fan of. Anyway, we've found an interesting way to make our way to and from the car these days. When Seth is in a good mood, he'll either walk holding my hand or even crawl right out my front door and to the car while I carry Evany's car seat, my purse, and the Apnea monitor. But when he's in a bad mood, or a middling mood, or even a not so thrilled mood...it doesn't go so smoothly.

So for the past few days, we've made a lot of trips with the monitor over my shoulder, the car seat with Evany strapped in on one arm, and my huge 16 month old baby on the other hip. Which is fine. I can deal with it. Except for one thing, and that's that Seth has never learned how to help himself be carried. He doesn't hang on, he doesn't grip with his legs. Well, he does grip with his legs, but not until you're trying to put him down. Then he's a monkey. Otherwise, he's a 26 pound limp, wet noodle. So by the time we get to our destination, he's usually managed to slide halfway down my leg and I'm holding on to him by one shoulder or something equally questionale, and the kid doesn't even blink an eyelash. He'll deal with being carried like that, as long as you never ever every even let the thought of putting him down cross your mind.

So today, we're at the pediatrician and I'm trying to undress Evany with one hand while holding him with the other and, if you've never noticed, it's incredibly hard to unsnap snaps when you only have one hand available, and Evany had roughly thirty seven snaps on her outfit today. Then I had to scoop one naked baby up in one arm while still carrying Seth in the other arm, right out to the scale, then back into the room. Repeat similar situations in various ways for days now. And in the meantime, Jace is like, building something dangerous out of random supplies he found in the cupboards of the doctor's office and the pacifier he stole from Evany.

I know, your first thought is why I don't just put him down. If I put this child down when he wants to be held it's literally the most pathetic thing you've ever seen. He doesn't even get angry, he just collapses onto the floor sadly and cries, facedown, snotting everything up and pounding the floor half heartedly with one fist. I can't watch him that way. If he was angry or tantruming in a traditional way I would, but this is just like his heart is broken and everyone one he loves left him and his dog ran away and his best friend ran off with his girl and he has nothing to wear to the party after the big game. It's that serious.

So yeah. I've been carrying him a lot. And he's so darn thankful you feel bad for even wanting to put him down. You pick him up and he just lays his head on his shoulder and pats your back, and if he's really happy about it, he'll give you a back rub, which I'm a total sucker for. He's so cute.

It's just too bad his legs are broken, because I think this is going to affect his walking. Hopefully he can recover in time for therapy this week.
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