Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hope for Haiti

Today I've gone back and forth about fifty times about whether I should post about how my children have been abducted by aliens and replaced by total brats who put on spoon and egg races when I leave the room, resulting in carnage in the kitchen. I thought about posting about Seth's 18 month birthday that happens to be today even though I didn't get any pictures of him. I thought about posting about how some of my friends are on a cruise I was supposed to be on without me, and how jealous I was.   I thought about posting a want ad for a husband because seriously, it has never been more clear to me than today that people are just not supposed to parent four kids on their own. (By the way, I enjoy long walks on the beach, movies, and playing scrabble, as long as you let me win. Just putting that out there.)

But for some reason, I didn't post those things. Instead, I just thought them, and I'm so glad, because my friend Shawna emailed me with a much better topic to post about than any of the things that were rattling around in my head.

She, like many people I know, myself included, have been really affected by the situation in Haiti. As you probably know, Compassion International has made it really easy to donate through their website . But Shawna wanted to give more than her own personal finances would allow. Fortunately, Shawna has an awesome Etsy shop selling her beautiful customized photo jewelry, and she has decided to donate TEN DOLLARS from every Hope or Blessed necklace she sells.


I think they're just gorgeous and I have to admit I really want one myself! But she's not stopping there...Shawna is giving away your choice of a Hope or Blessed necklace on her blog! Please check it out and enter to win, and if you don't, consider buying a necklace to help relief efforts, or just donating straight to Compassion tight as things are for all of us financially, the people of Haiti need so much more. Every dollar counts!

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