Saturday, January 16, 2010

Time Out!

Ava just got sent to time out for trying to pummel her brother (Jace) with a My Little Pony. I took the ponies away and sent her to her room.

Because Jace is a glutton for punishment, he tried to sneak into their room during her time out and smuggle in some ponies so she wouldn't be without toys, and as they talked to each other over the gate, oh, about 8 feet away from me, this is the conversation they had.

Jace: Ava, here are the ponies you wanted so you don't have to be alone during your time out.

Ava: Thanks, Jace!

Jace: Just don't tell Mom that I gave them to you or I'll get into trouble, too. (Looks guiltily over his shoulder at me)

Me: (butting into the conversation) Jace, I'm sitting right here. I can hear everything you're saying.

Jace: (Incredulous) Everything I'm saying? You can't hear everything I'm saying! I'm too far away!

Me: Oh really? Then how are you hearing everything that I'M saying to you?

Jace: (Busted) Oh. Ohhhhhh. Oh, Man! I guess I'll just go have a time out, then.

Me: Good call.

Of course, on the way to his time out, he tried to surreptitiously grab some more ponies to take with him, and they're currently both having a "time out" in their room that is consisting mostly of what sounds like them each acting out a different part of some kind of play about birds hatching out of eggs.

Thank goodness it's Saturday...maybe they'll stay in this time out all day. I wouldn't mind!
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