Sunday, March 7, 2010

Finally some sun...

So finally, the sun came out after weeks and weeks of feeling like we'd been transplanted to some other state.

So we had to celebrate, right? The kids and I packed up and headed out to Busch Gardens.

At first, it looked like we'd made a big mistake.


Luckily after the kids saw this Lion they cheered up. Ava said whoever made it was very talented.


Thank goodness we borrowed this leash for Seth (something that, for the record) I said I'd never use), because he wanted nothing to do with the stroller. At all. So we traveled at about 1 mile per hour.


We headed up to see Katonga, our favorite show, and everyone kept flipping out about the fact that I had all four kids out by myself. I guess we should lock ourselves in the house for a couple of years or something.


I left my phone in the theater, which was unfortunate, and it took an hour of shenanigans to get it back. Ava ended up laying on the ground on her stomach because she was starving to death while we waited for someone who knew what they were doing. It took a while.


Speaking of my phone, all these pictures were taken on it. We were traveling light, not even a diaper bag. Well, as light as you can with four kids.


We did have a pretty hefty supply of granola bars with us, which Seth basically devoured. But Katonga was amazing. Even Vivi watched it and Seth applauded continuously through the whole thing, so I think he was a fan. Ava and Jace were on the edges of their seats and they were seeing it for the 100th time.


We got to see some doo wop band perform, and Jace couldn't stop dancing. He kept yelling out "I just can't stop, I have to dance! The music rocks!" Then they ran around telling each other "Now sing Row Row Row Your Boat like a rock song, GO! Okay, now do Hey Diddle Diddle!"


Seth was a pretty happy camper, too. You can't get much cuter than this kid. He's kind of painfully cute. He was a pretty big fan of the animals. He barked at the lions like they were dogs.


Evany, however, kind of slept through the trip. Or screamed. One or the other, Screaming, sleeping, it's what she does.


When I think about it, we didn't do much but wander around. We didn't ride a single ride. We just shuffled around and got in people's way and made up silly names for all the animals who, strangely enough, were all friends of Ava's.


I got to meet Who Who the Monkey, Liger the Tiger, and DaisyCakes the Flamingo. They were all close personal friends.


The best part was that I went out of my way not to rush them, to let them do what they wanted, to say yes to everything they asked to do. They thought they had died and gone to heaven. Ava said "Mom! Thanks SO much for bringing us here!"


If you'd told me a few years back I would venture out to a theme park on a Saturday with four kids by myself, I would have laughed at you. And yet we did it. We stayed all day, until the park closed, and then I drove four passed out kids home and had to carry every single one of them into the house. Then I passed out myself.

And it was a good day.

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