Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ten Years?!

So you know how I threw in at the end of my last post that little comment about my ten year reunion coming up?

I feel a little annoyed by it. I've been looking forward to my ten year reunion for, well, years.

John and I would walk in, looking all great and stuff, and we'd flash pictures of our kids when people asked, smile and laugh knowingly as comparatively seasoned parents and spouses in my class (lots of people just got married in the last couple years) and I would finally not be that girl I was in high school...the one who felt insecure and gangly and shy and super loud to cover up being shy. The one who was always looking around to see what was happening next and forgetting to enjoy anything that was actually going on.

This reunion was supposed to be a celebration of how many things I'd accomplished in ten years. Marriage, a family, kids. In high school you always think that by your ten year reunion you'll have made it, whatever "making it" is in your, family, back packing through Europe...I'm sure it's different for everyone.

I just didn't think that I would achieve everything I'd wanted and then lose it within those ten years.

Selfishly, when I'm feeling super self absorbed, I wish I could have had my ten year reunion either before John left or after I'd figured out my life again. I feel all discombobulated, like if someone asked me what I've been up to I'll spill every detail in thirty seconds and leave them wishing they could escape and me wishing there was a hole in the floor I could disappear into.

I guess the only upside is that lots of people I went to school with read this blog, so they probably already know all details of this life I did not plan for. My life is like a huge "Don't let this happen to you" public service announcement. It's still not super fun to relive over and over.

On the other hand, I know I'd have fun. I'm what you might call a social person, so I would probably end up having a blast. But...goodness, how corny to go to your high school reunion single. Maybe I should hire a date like in that one movie with Amanda Peet. I think it was with Amanda Peet. Although I guess if I was going to do that I probably shouldn't have blogged about it.

So spill, friends. What reunions have you been to, and have they been what you expected? Better? Worse? Did anyone make a fool of themselves? Dish.
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