Monday, March 1, 2010

Say Hi for me

So today my kids didn't cut anything up.

That pretty much made it a good day right there.

And I found out it'll be relatively cheap to get Baby Finn rewigged.

So that made it awesome.

It's officially March...and for the first time, a trip to NYC is not on the agenda. I'm wondering if the priest at the Cathedral we visit every year will wonder where we are when we don't show up on his Eli's birthday, or if he'll notice at all. Probably not. Maybe, though. He remembered us last year.

nyc 014


I'm wondering if those benches we sit on every year facing Central Park and eating Starbucks' Perfect Oatmeal will miss us, whether the walls the kids balance and walk on will know we're not there.

NYC 033

NYC 032

Will the restaurant, Landmarc, which we visit every year in Columbus Circle despite it's high prices and fancy long wait just because of their free cotton candy for dessert and the incredible view, realize there is one less stroller parked outside it's front doors?

Will the aliens at Mars 2112 miss a table of screaming kids who won't make it there this year? What about the Dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural history?

NYC 043

Will the doorman at FAO Schwarz miss Ava and Jace trying their hardest to make him laugh?


I wonder if all the corner almond sellers will realize they have an overabundance of nuts in the last weekend in March since I won't be there to buy another bag at each corner? Will the bakery we buy Eli's cupcakes at each year wonder were we are?

NYC2 007

Maybe the Statue of Liberty (or Liverty, according to my kids), will realize there are two less kids hanging out the windows of the South Ferry to better see Her face, and maybe it will make her sad.



The portrait artist who has drawn our family three times now...will he miss us? The horses we've fed carrots to and cabbies we have chatted with, will they?


I mean, of course I know that the people and inanimate objects of New York City won't miss us, or even notice were were there to begin with.

But man, will I miss them. In so many ways, Eli is New York to me. I feel closer to him there than anywhere else, and while I know this year will be okay, that we'll find a way to celebrate him, I'll still miss our special spots in New York that exude Eli.

So if you're in New York, say hi for me.
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