Sunday, April 11, 2010

50 inches of cuteness

Thanks for the ideas for the Gala! Keep them coming! I forgot to mention that the "classics" part meant books, not movies or music.

Check out my first born:


How cute is she? She never, ever ceases to amaze me with how grown up she is. Sometimes it makes me smile and sometimes I want to cry. Tonight, we were having family time on the couch where Ava, Jace, Seth, and I all pile onto the couch and cuddle and do whatever...sing songs, tell stories, shoot each other with suction cup arrows. Actually, now that I think of it, the arrow thing is totally just the boys. 

Tonight we were singing The Wheels on the Bus complete with the motions Seth insists on doing even though they are not even close to the traditionally accepted motions for that song. What can I say, we like to be different. After a few minutes the boys got bored and got down to chase each other around and scream at each other, and Ava stretched out next to me on the couch (And she's 4 feet 2 inches, just a foot and a half shorter than me, so that's a lot of stretching). She asked to listen to the Dixie Chick's Godspeed song that we call Eli's song, and after she had listened to it a couple of times and sang along, she told me that it was going to stay in her head forever, and she was going to teach it to Jace and Seth and Vivi so that they would always remember it. 

She's pretty awesome. 
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