Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Thanks for bearing with my post yesterday. Sometimes I'll go weeks or even months super optimistic about everything and then one day...BAM...I'm under serious attack and incredibly depressed. It's not very fun.

Luckily, today was nice. Ava woke me up this morning to cuddle and we all got up and around and went to brunch with my mom and grandmother. Then we hit the pool for hours. And hours.  The kids had a blast swimming and playing, although Seth will have absolutely nothing to do with the water, other than dipping his toes into the top step.

Later on, I fell asleep while I was laying down with Seth trying to entice him into taking a nap. We both ended up conking out, and I woke up to find that Ava had also snuck in for a little Mother's Day nap. It was kind of awesome. While we were out for the count, my mom and grandma got everything set up for a cookout and we had some great steaks. It was a nice day.

I was looking at Vivi today and she was cracking up at the ceiling fan...just losing it. It feels crazy that I just found out about her existence on this day last year! She's so cute and such an amazing addition to our family. I'm so blessed to have all of my kids.

I hope all of you had an amazing Mother's Day! I know how blessed all of your children and and husbands are beyond blessed to have you and I hope they showed it today and every day!
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