Saturday, May 15, 2010


So, I'm fairly certain I'm nesting.

Not for me, of course...that would be an immaculate conception. My best friend, Mara, is about to have her baby soon...very soon, and last night, it all became very real to me and I started going at things in my house like I was the one about to bring a new baby home.

Of course, I wasn't just cleaning...that would have been too simple. I had to attack projects. Big projects. Last night I: went to the gym and killed my abs, washed and prepped the infant car seat for the new baby, pulled all five carseats out of my own van and washed the covers and cleaned the seats, then cleaned the van out top to bottom and reinstalled all the seats by the light of the moon, pumped up several sets of air tires,  did 763 loads of laundry, took the stroller skins off the double stroller I've been using that actually belongs to Mara and washed them, then cleaned up the stroller frame and wheels, and put it all back together. I washed all of Vivi's newborn and 0-3 month clothing and packed it up for the new baby. I took the kids to Walmart to get a crib mattress for Evany, who is doing her best to climb out of her bassinet nightly. Seth locked the big kids and I out of the house and we had to break in with a box cutter.

Then, this morning, I ventured into our insanely packed garage (I even put on gym shoes!). After I figured out how to open the garage door, which took quite a while itself, I found the swing by climbing jungle style from one object to the next and cleaned it up for the new baby, found all 973 pieces of Ava's old crib and pulled them out, found a popper toy that Seth promptly claimed, almost got trapped underneath a King size mattress, almost fell six feet to my death, pulled the heaviest TV stand in the world and a television out of my bedroom to make room for the crib and stashed them in the garage, swept the floor 43 times, found the hardware for the crib, found a new home for all 73 pairs of my shoes that had been perfectly happy in the middle of the floor, found Seth's activity bouncer and put it together for Evany, snuck into Mara's house and dropped off all the stuff I'd gotten ready for her and got caught red handed, and then had to let the kids play for a bit while I caught my breath and borrowed an allen wrench from Tommy to assemble the crib.

Of course, I did all that while supervising my children. Then we headed to Target to get a mattress pad and sheets for the crib, washed the van,  and came home to eat dinner. After dinner, I stripped the kids down and sent them out to shower on the trampoline, which is newly equipped with a nifty sprinkler system thanks to Mr. Tommy.  Seth hated it, but I made him stay out there anyway while I watched them through the window and tried to put Evany's crib together.

Tried is the operative word. After pulling out all the pieces and almost being smothered in the process, searching high and low for the bag of hardware and instructions, buying a mattress, mattress pad and sheets, and clearing out a spot for the crib itself, laying out all the pieces for assembly, and clearing the kids out of the house so I could assemble in peace...

I am missing the bolts I need.

Cannot be happening.

I am tempted to pull the kids out of bed and take them to Home Depot right now to find them because I want to get this done that badly, but it will have to wait for tomorrow. I'm so annoyed. So close, and yet so, so far away. And of course, my house looks like a tornado hit, which always happens when I do projects instead of just cleaning and leaving everything as it is. But of course now I'm too tired to clean anymore.

She better not climb out of her bassinet tonight.
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