Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A bad idea

Ava and Jace spilled out of their room into the hallway after bedtime last night, bickering over who knows what. They were pushing each other's buttons like nobody's business and screaming at each other at full volume. As I saw Ava lunge for Jace, her arms outstretched, probably to wrap around his throat, I intercepted.

"Bad Idea, Ava!" I shouted, separating them and shaking my head, preparing to get to the bottom of the issue. But Jace was still all wound up, shaking his head and scowling. 

"Yeah, Ava! You're a bad idea! Did you hear that? You're a BAD IDEA!"

And of course she broke down crying like I had put a price tag on her. 

"Why, Mommy? Why am I a bad idea? Why would you SAY that to someone? How would YOU feel if someone called YOU a bad idea? I don't think you'd like it!" She was self righteously angry, now, and Jace was suddenly at her side, wrapping his arms around her. "Mama, why did you call her a bad idea? That's not very nice."

And at that point, what was I supposed to do? Telling Jace that he's actually the one who called her a bad idea wasn't going to work, and they'd already turned on me...but at least they were getting along again. 

I did the only thing I could...I apologized for calling my daughter a bad idea and sent them back to bed, where they'd  apparently completely forgotten what they were fighting over in the first place. 
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