Saturday, June 26, 2010

Skip the Tooth Fairy!

So we headed out to Busch Gardens tonight with the neighbors (Tommy was BEYOND tempted to ask if it was Mormon appreciation night since we had so many kids with us). While there, I noticed that Ava's front tooth was pretty wiggly. "Don't wiggle it!" I told her. "You need to be six and in first grade before that one falls out!" (Don't ask me why I was so set on that, I was just was) Plus I wanted to do one last photo shoot of Ava looking cleaned up with two front teeth.

Throughout the evening, though, Ava started looking more and more snaggle toothed and it became obvious the tooth was not going to last the night in her mouth. I had to give up on my plan. At dinner, we all started trying to convince her to let me pull it. Of course, being Ava, and therefore incredibly dramatic,  she worked herself up into tears over the whole thing, convinced it was going to hurt incredibly badly. Once I felt how loose it was, though, it was obvious that if we didn't pull it it was going to end up getting swallowed, because the thing was barely hanging on. Finally, after Ella and I swore she'd live through the experience, she calmed down enough for me to pull it out, although "pull" is kind of a strong work for what I did...I basically grabbed onto it and it fell into my hand.

She was pretty shocked that it was out and didn't hurt at all, but then she said "That tooth didn't want to be a first grader and my moth was sick of it anyway!"

She's also skipping the tooth fairy. She says she'd rather just pick something out at the store.

She's so sentimental, that one.

Here's the video Tommy took of the tooth pulling and our motley crew at the theme park. You can hear Jace giving a play by play in the background, and he was dying to lose a tooth himself...I have a feeling I'm going to need to hide the pliers from him or he'll be yanking out a tooth himself.

Aww, my baby girl is a gap toothed wonder. She's getting so old.

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