Saturday, June 5, 2010

How They Play - Busy Busy Busy

I took almost all of my kids toys away last winter. 

Yeah, they didn't keep their room clean, and I threatened to take their toys, and...then I took them. 

They still have one trofast bin of toys, mainly imagination toys...balls, animal figurines, trucks, puzzles. 

But for the most part, their toys are gone. And Seth just never got any. And Evany got a Sofi the Giraffe for Christmas but now I can't find it anywhere and I'm so mad I could spit. But I digress. 

The point is, the kids don't really have many toys. They're all in toy jail in our second bathroom. So they get kind of inventive. Today, the older two were having silent reading time in their room and Seth was hanging out in the living room with me while I was reading. (We're a big reading family, FYI.) He was very busy doing something, and after a while I stopped reading just to watch him. 

He stacked three big wheeled bins together, then he unstacked them. Then he lined them all up in a line and put a ball in each one, then he grabbed a bowl and loaded all the balls in the bowl and stacked the bins back up. Then he pushed the stack up against the wall, went to find a broomstick, and tapped the wall with it for about five minutes like he was looking for a stud. Then he threw about fifteen balls from the kitchen to the living room before heading to the living room to kick them back into the kitchen, yelling "Go!" each time. Then he took off all his clothes and threw them in the sink. Then he went to get some books and "read" two at once, turning first the page of one then the page of the other. Then he got out a tiger figurine and a dinosaur figurine, and made the tiger figurine knock the dinosaur off the table roughly a hundred times. 

He also opened a tub of sugar and dumped it on the kitchen floor and somehow punctured about six water bottles (Dang that new eco conscious thin plastic!), which leaked all over the sugar. That was a fun, sticky mess to find. I didn't see that part happen, obviously.

He's the definition of a busy boy, I think. I knew I called him Trouble for a reason!

What do your kids get into?
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