Saturday, June 12, 2010

In which I type extensively about nothing, basically.

Blargh. Argh. Ergh.

I'm working on answering the questions you all asked me, but I have a headache tonight, so...yeah. If you didn't ask your burning question yet, go right ahead, you can still get it in there. I just took some migraine medication that makes me a little loopy, so this post is going to be long and meandering, let me tell you that right now. Good luck, and bless you. 

So yesterday was the ten year anniversary of my high school graduation. 

Now that's crazy. It feels like it's been both five minutes and fifty years since my high school graduation. The guy I was dating then (remember, I told you I date phases of my life by the guy I was seeing), is now married with a kid and a whole lot of dogs, or so I hear through the grapevine. He was cute. 

Our high school colors were brown and orange, which not cool. I graduated in a brown cap and gown. Luckily brown is a good color on me, or so I hope. Our Marching Band, though, which I was a proud part of, wore teal, not brown or orange, and yet we were called the Big Orange Pride. It was a little confusing, to say the least. 

I got called into work today where I had a very involved conversation about whether I will go to my ten year reunion (no, since it falls on Seth's birthday and my driving buddy fell through, anyway), and the girls were super disappointed in me and my reasoning for not going. Of course, they are a lot younger than me. Yes, I'm the old one at my job. All the waitresses are in their early twenties, it seems. I, apparently, am old. Ish. 

John was really good about coming over right away to corral the kids when I got called in today. That was cool, so when I got done with work I brought a couple of our favorite meals home with me from work to be nice (I am capable of being nice, MANDY!). When I walked in the door and it registered that the kids were all resting and the house wasn't trashed and I was going to be able to sit down and eat food that I didn't cook without a  kid pulling on my leg, I almost passed out in excitement. Of course John is a toddler in his own special way, so that brought me back to reality pretty quickly. 

While we ate we discussed Harry Potter, the kids, and the fine art of texting and how he needs an intervention. Now, I love my texts, but he takes it to a whole new level...the level in which you text to let people know you're breathing. I kindly offered to text the girls who were blowing up his phone with the information that he was beyond broke, having lunch with his ex-wife and that his four kids would be up from their naps soon to help thin the herd of interested parties, but he declined! Can't imagine why. I think it would be a good litmus test for their sanity, personally. 

That just reminded me of  How I Met Your Mother when Lily pretended to be Barney's wife to get rid of the girls he brought home. I love that show. 

I'm out of toilet paper and paper towels. Houston, we have a problem. 

The neighbor kids were over for a while tonight because Ella had to go to urgent care. At least one of our kids has been sick since last week, consecutively. Only the babies have escaped it so far, and I'm really, really hoping that they won't get sick. Evany has never really been sick, and I don't feel like now is a good time to start.

Ava and Jace are doing an evening VBS next week...this is a first. They normally go to bed at 7, so staying up until after nine is going to be really interesting. And by interesting I mean "a really bad idea." But a bunch of their friends from school are going and I couldn't leave them out. Have any of you done night time VBS, and how did it go? 

Universal Studio's Harry Potter land, or whatever it is, is opening this month. I am so excited I could do a round off possibly followed by a back flip. Not really, I can't do a back flip. But I do love Harry Potter, and the idea of getting to walk around Hogwarts makes me squee like a little girl. Butterbeer! I am more excited about this than I used to be (ok, still am) about New Kids on the Block. And I love NKOTB more than most things in life. I had an NKOTB sleeping bag, pillow, and poster, and I dragged them all out into the living room every Saturday to watch the New Kid's Cartoon. Wow, that was a long time ago.

Recently I got to go to Busch Garden's with no kids and I rode so many roller coasters I almost threw up. That was a bad decision. Hindsight is 20/20 of course, but in retrospect, riding each coaster once seems like the right choice. When we started the second round of coastering, I went down hill quickly. Let's hope I remember that next time, huh? I just...I love roller coasters. I'm a huge wuss, and roller coasters are the one thing I'm kind of brave about, although that's probably just because I can't get off once the harness is locked and I start to rethink my choices. 

And I'm done.  How's your weekend going? 

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