Sunday, June 13, 2010

Baby Baubles

When I was waiting for Baby Nora to grace us with her presence, I was wracking my brain to find the perfect gift. For Fisher is was an awesome pirate map to hang in his pirate themed room. For Seth, Mara made him an awesome framed collage of verses in which she inserted his very own name. Evany received a beautiful snow globe. These keepsakes, these baby gifts, are important to me. They convey emotions, memories...I wanted what I got Nora to be perfect.

Evany has a baby bracelet that everyone always comments on, but I wanted something more personal. I love a good bracelet, but I'm an even bigger freak over ID bracelets, except for the fact that some of them look awfully utilitarian.

Finally, though, I found a cute little shop called Sophie's Closet on Etsy, and this Momma of three had just what I was looking for.


And it came wrapped so nicely, too...right out of the envelope. That was impressive. Of course I had to be sneaky and break in to the box to check it out before I gave it to Nora.


It's a sterling silver bracelet that has her name on the front with a message from us to her on the back. I love it. I think it's simple, classy, and whimsical all at once...a very sweet reinvention of the classic id bracelet.


On the back there is an adorable heart shaped clasp with Nora's birthstone next to it. I loved that touch of color to the bracelet. On the inside I had Nora's birthdate, a special verse, and "We love you!" inscribed.



Anyway, I'm just in love. Evany was a very willing model, and I snapped a few pictures of her wearing the bracelet before we packed it up and gave it to it's rightful owner. I asked for it to be sized for a baby, and it definitely fit Evany's chubby almost seven month old wrist nicely and Nora has plenty of room to grow into it. You can request any size you like.


In any case, I just thought it was way too cute not to offer something to one of you, too...I love sharing the adorable finds I manage to make (and I'm not getting anything out of this at all, for the record), so I'll be giving away a $40 gift certificate to Sophie's Closet so one of you can get an adorable bauble like Nora's.


To get a chance to win the gift certificate, which you can use towards anything in the store, it's pretty simple. Browse on over there, then Just comment on this post letting me know what you'd buy from the store if you got the chance (check out Sophie's Closet to see what she's got...she has too many cute things to list).

Of course, following the blog gets you another entry, as does telling me something nice, funny, or entertaining. Yes, I'm fishing for compliments. I'm not proud! Make sure you comment separately for each entry so that I can tally them easily when it's time.

Good luck! I'll tweet to let everyone know when the giveaway is ending. Now it's off to work for me!

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