Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kid Pictures!

I just deleted an entire post. Either I'm smart or a coward...which one remains to be seen. 

Instead, I'm posting the last few pictures from the camera roll in my phone...this should be pretty random.

Here are 6/8 of the ShCall family making short work of their donuts at church on Sunday. Fisher, Jace, Ava, Seth, Addy, and Ella. They're adorable, and they're doing life together in the best way possible. 

Here is Seth looking pensive drinking water at dinner last night. Don't let the look fool you...he absolutely loved having the big kids out of the picture and getting all the attention. He is, however, attempting to survive on milk alone. He ate exactly three grains of rice, a forkful of queso, and one bite of John's flauta. He is the pickiest eater alive and it's making me crazy. 


And last but not least, here is Vivi rocking a headband at the restaurant I work at. She's getting humongous! She has a full time double chin now. I love it!


And there you go! While the quality is nothing like my real camera, I love the snapshots I get even more sometimes! 
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