Friday, July 30, 2010

Evany at 8 months

This post is alternately entitled "Pilates with Evany."

This kid is all over the place. She's also eight months old today!


She's about 18 and a quarter pounds, which puts here either in the 50-70th percentile for an 8 month old or the 70-90th percentile for a 6 month old. I'll take it! 


She is funny and very, very talkative. Of course I have no idea what she's saying, but she will talk and yell and squeal all day long. She's content just about anywhere until someone pays her attention, and then they'd better not walk away, because she will scream her head off when that attention is taken away. 


She's not sitting on her own yet, although we've been working on it. She's so fixated on crawling that whenever I sit her up, she throws herself back down onto the floor. She's most comfortable being a wiggle worm, rolling and kicking and playing, and, as of a few days ago, crawling around!


She gets herself into some interesting positions that I'm fairly certain I would be incapable of doing personally. My abs hurt just seeing some of the things she does, but she thinks it's all super fun. 


Her personality is starting to really come out now, and I love it. She is completely in love with her brothers and sister and will actually act interested in toys for the first time ever. She's still close to bald, but the hair that is coming in makes me think she's not going be as fair as her big brother Seth, although their eyes are pretty much identical. 


All in all, she's a sweet, happy, chubby, perfect, pilates performing eight month old girl! I can't believe how fast the months are flying by...the other day I found a pair of her preemie pants, which she wore for over a month. They wouldn't even fit over her foot. It's surreal thinking of how small she was. 


Love you Evany Jane!

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