Thursday, July 29, 2010

Birthday Boys

My next door neighbor slash best friend and I share a lot of things. We share food between our houses...ingredients...eggs, butter, aluminum foll. We share books and dvds and house keys. 

We share kids, in a way...our kids are in what feels like a never ending carousel of here and there, coming and going between our houses. We watch each others kids for therapy appointments, hair appointments, our kids switch back and forth between our cars to ride here or there all the time. 

Most of the time, I don't really care who I go home with as long as I get home with the same number of kids I started out with. 

Point is, our kids are together a lot, and they share a lot, too. The girls are beyond close, the boys are best buds, and the baby girls have already been declared best friends forever.

But one of the most fun things some of my kids and some of Mara's kids have in common is their birthdays. Both Ava and Ella and Seth and Fisher have birthdays just a few weeks apart. When Ava and Ella were younger, they had joint parties, and now it's Seth and Fisher's turn!


So tomorrow, on a day right smack in between their  respective birthdays, we'll be getting together with friends to celebrate these two sweet boys. We'll be hanging out in the insane heat here in Florida catching up with friends we haven't seen enough this summer, letting the kids hang out and play at our neighborhood park, decorate our basketball court with sidewalk chalk, and love on Fisher and Seth as we celebrate them turning three and two!


And so tonight, I'm baking. Baking about a billion cupcakes for two of my very favorite boys in the world. (Don't worry, I'm not leaving Jace out...he has his own birthday coming up before long!) Fisher has always been very special to me...he was the very first baby I held after Eli died and I can't tell you how much time I spent with him cuddled in one of my slings or perfecting the butt pat that made him fall immediately asleep. Watching him grow up into such a gorgeous, smart little boy has been a huge blessing for me. Eli and he would have been best friends, and there aren't many times I see Fisher without thinking about what Eli would have been like. 


And Seth...well, Seth is Seth. He is my miracle, the baby that came after I thought I might never be happy or hold one of my own living newborns again. Seth has helped heal me, his happy, hilarious personality, getting to see another one of my boys grow and change every day. 

So Seth and Fisher...they are very close to my heart. And I can't wait to celebrate their big day with them at their "Stoy Story" party. (That's Toy Story, for those of you who aren't up on adorable toddler language!) 

OK, enough mushy stuff...I have a billion cupcakes to ice!
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