Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Potty Time!

So you all were so awesome about giving me ideas and tips for Seth's speech that I have another conundrum for y'all, or rather, one of my friends does. It's another kid question, which is definitely a lot of your areas of expertise!

What are your thoughts on potty training? Both my older kids have been very different in that aspect...Ava potty trained before she was two and Jace was a little over two and a half. I used completely different approaches with them both and never read any books on the subject. I already have a feeling Seth is going to end up being more challenging.

In any case, the situation is this. A nearly three year old boy is about to start three year old pre-school class next month. Problem is, they have to be potty trained to go to the threes. He's not. It's just not clicking yet for whatever reason. He's incredibly bright, knows way more than my kids did at his age, but is just not getting the whole bathroom concept yet.

His parents have tried the usual stuff...days at home naked with lots of juice and the potty, setting a timer,  lots of talks with him about it all, treats, rewards. There are only a few weeks before school starts and he's just not there yet. He just hasn't made the connection, although he's willing to sit on the potty and hang out.

What would you all do? There are two options, it seems.

He can repeat the two year old class, where he has two awesome teachers and which would take the pressure off, but he'd be repeating a year he just completed. If they give up his three year old spot they'll lose it for the entire year because there is a waiting list. So if they start in the two's, he'll have to stay there all year. He has to be in preschool because of both parents being at work in the mornings.

The other option is to get him on the road to potty training in the next couple of weeks. Does anyone have any big ideas that could help?

Give me some good ones, guys. I'm going to be filing these away for Seth when he starts potty training next year!
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