Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vivi the Bathing Beauty

Hey, Evany, want to take a swim?


I took that as an appropriate response and Evany had her first dip in the pool this week. She loved it! She didn't fuss once, just splashed around and hung out with me. 


She did summarily refuse to look at the camera, though, no matter how many toys were rattled and kids shouted her name. Nope! Not looking!


She deigned to look at me, though, as she performed her favorite trick, standing. She wants to stand up all day every day. If you try to sit her down she stiffens her entire body and screams bloody murder. As soon as you stand her up, though, she's all smiles again. 


Finally! Eye contact! I am in love with this hand me down elephant bathing suit from my friend Lanie. It's just Evany's size and it worked out perfectly for her fist pool photo shoot, although her cute bald head is begging for a ridiculously oversized flower or bow,  I have to say. 


She spent a little time sunbathing (don't worry, she was wearing a super strong sunblock...nary a burn in sight), and hamming it up for the camera, and then, suddenly...


All the swimming and playing caught up with her and she was out like a light. 

I think it was a successful first swim!

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