Friday, July 16, 2010

Yee Haw!

We had a long day.

I am simultaneously loving and hating VBS right now. 


Our VBS is next week and my friends Mara, Laura, and I are heading up Crafts this year. 

I'll pause while you all laugh. Not laughing? Then you don't know how non crafty I am. =)


The leaders of the various grades have been heading up to church all week to decorate the classrooms and main areas of the church. All week. You know. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. And today, of course. 

We rolled into the place, eleven kids in tow, and busted our room out in one day.


Not the smartest move, but last time we had to decorate a room we LIVED at church. We were there every morning and night, glittering and cutting and sticky tacking a room to shreds. Other people came in and in one day far surpassed our room, which ended up looking like we set the kids loose on it.


Except for our bridge, which was amazing. An intensely awesome rope bridge hanging from the ceiling surrounded by the least convincing jungle and pyramids ever. And don't ask why we had jungle and pyramids mixed was a metaphor that fell apart halfway through the week, when we were exhausted and delirious and slapping stuff up on the wall in hopes that we'd be able to go home one day.


So fast forward to this year, and we decided that one day was more than enough to achieve our very own special level of amateur craftiness.


We planned to be early birds and knock it all out. And we totally came through, showing up at nearly eleven. We're nothing if not punctual! After we'd corralled our kids upstairs, the director of the VBS came up to bring us some supplies and say hi.


"Oh my goodness! Where did all these kids come from? This looks like way more than you guys usually have" She asked, her eyebrows raised. 

"Nope...only just looks like more because they won't sit still!"

Eventually we lucked out and found a television so we could hogtie them in front of it, and we got to work.


The theme for our room was Saddle Ridge Ranch, and I think it came out okay. All the furniture still needs to be moved out, and we'll be putting the finishing touches on after church on Sunday, but I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out. If you like it, I did it, all by myself, by the sweat of my brow. If you don't like it, the kids did it. Really.

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