Sunday, August 22, 2010

Good thing they're cute!

Evany is teething, or something, plus she's just not feeling great. She's been running a low fever and fussing all weekend, kind of for the first time in her life. She's always been a super easygoing baby, but she was making up for lost time last night around two A.M. as she insisted I hold her in a very precise way. Very precise. In which she basically was wrapped around me like an octopus while I patted her bottom vigorously and bounced up and down on the couch, while humming loudly right against her face. If I stopped any of those things, she would immediately start winding up again, beginning with this terrible moaning and ramping up to an all out blood curdling scream.

It was super fun. An awesome way to spend hours in the middle of the night.

Then, this morning after a bleary eyed breakfast, Seth locked himself in his room, then he started yelling at me like I made him do it, pounding on the door from his side and yelling "Mama!" in this tone that just screamed "You did this to me, somehow, and you'd better get me out of it right now!" Of course, the fancy door unlocker that I keep above the kids bedroom door was missing, and tearing the house apart didn't find it. I went back to Seth's door to try to talk him through turning the lock (I figured since he locked it, he might be able to unlock it.) But apparently it was all too much for him, because the next thing I knew he was sliding his cochlear implants under the door to me. Both of them. Which meant I was left with a deaf two year old locked in a room. That was fun. Then, for good measure, he slid me a book, two littlest pet shops, and a diaper. It was like he was trying to barter his way out of the room. It was sad and adorable. Ava and Jace were camped out in the hall, worrying about him the entire time, while Seth continued to babble and yell about the subpar service I was offering him.

In the end John showed up on his way to work to help troubleshoot and he broke in with a bobby pin, which was good, because I've already had to kick one door down when Seth locked me out of it. That was unfortunate. I really need to get Seth interested in something besides locks. Or he needs to learn the second, crucial step: UNlocking.

Then, after that, Evany fussed and cried some more, just for good measure. Thankfully, the older two didn't cause me too much trouble today, because I definitely had my hands full with the babies.

Luckily, they're pretty cute and totally worth a little exhaustion and some gray hairs.

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