Monday, August 23, 2010


The kids and I have spent this morning cleaning. They've been working on their room and I've been working on the bathroom. The one that wasn't working. It's working now, because a very nice plummer came out and removed the water bottle that had been flushed down it over a year ago.

That turned out to be a very expensive bottle of water.

Anyway, I was scrubbing the bathroom and talking to Ava about her birthday, which is tomorrow. I kept asking her what she wanted for her birthday since I have yet to shop because she's always with me, and that kind of ruins birthday surprises. She wouldn't tell me anything, and just kept saying "Whatever you get me will be fine. I'll love it!"

Then, as she was scrubbing the tub next to me, she said "Actually, I like giving presents to other people more than getting them. I like seeing their faces when they get excited."

My heart just about melted and I am now even more convinced that I have kind of an amazing almost six year old.

Have a great day tomorrow...we sure will as we celebrate this special little girl turning six!


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