Monday, August 16, 2010


So I wasn't able to make our usual visit home this summer, and I've been bummed. It's the first time since the kids were born I haven't made at least one trip home every year. But it just didn't work out this year. (If you find any money trees, let me know!)

The upside to living in Florida (you know, in addition to the sun, beaches, and lack of snow) is that people actually want to visit you! That never happened in Indiana, let me tell you.

So when my dear, beautiful, lovely, soulless, funny, sarcastic, soulmate-esque friend Mandy emailed her airline itinerary the other day confirming the visit she'll be making to little old me in October...

Well, elated would be a good word. 

She visited last year just about a month before Vivi made her surprise appearance and we spent an amazing day at Disney with all the kids. She even pretended to like them. I can't wait to see her in a couple of months, when I won't look all swollen and pregnant. You're lucky this is the only picture I can find of Mandy and I from last year or I would not be posting this super unflattering pose of yours truly with questionable bangs. Granted, I looked for about 3.5 seconds because I'm lazy. 


Anyway, I can't wait. I can't wait! I can picture it now. After the kids go to bed, Mandy and I will grab our respective laptops and fire up Skype and chat with the same girls we chat with when we're separated by several states, just like we always do. Because we're both big nerds. 

It's going to rock!
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