Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lazy Day

We didn't even get our of our pajamas today.

Yep, we're incredibly lazy, I know. I wasn't feeling great and Ava and Jace were happy to watch movies and hang out and I made food for all of us at appropriate intervals. Then Mara called to talk about how unmotivated she was, which motivated me to take a nap.

Evany crawled around and fell asleep when she got tired and Seth got into every little thing in the entire house. He broke a plate, he poured an entire bottle of water on the couch, he yelled gibberish at me every ten minutes when I wouldn't do exactly what he wanted me to do. He stared me down in a sly manner while making sure I saw that he knows how to lock and unlock the deadbolt and doorknob to the front door. He dumped entire bins of toys onto the ground while laughing maniacally, then grabbed a bin of completely different toys and dumped them on top, mixing them all together as Ava and Jace moaned about having to sort them all out.

If you hadn't noticed, he has hit his terrible two's.

He's really getting in the way of the kids and I lazing around as much as possible until school starts. Toddlers. They just don't get it.

I'm considering a leash. Or duct tape to keep him in a specified area.

Kidding. Mostly.

Finally, as the kids and I were reading aloud tonight, Seth insisted on opening and shutting the lid of my computer over and over and over and over. He went back and forth between doing that and shouting at me for refusing to let him have the book I was reading to Ava and Jace. In sheer exasperation, I looked at the clock and, shocked, shook my head and said "Seth, what are you doing up? Don't you know your bedtime is at seven? It's nearly nine! You should be asleep!"

I actually stared at him for a while, waiting for him to answer, wondering why in the world he hadn't just tucked himself into bed at seven o'clock.

Then I realized that I've apparently gone insane and and I expect my kids to tell me when their bedtime is. Wow. Sometimes the levels of procrastination I reach surprise even me.
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