Friday, September 24, 2010

The first day of school. Three weeks later.

You guys, I am woefully behind on blogposts. On emails. On life. 

I almost took a picture tonight of all of our collective schoolbooks piled up...mine, Ava's, and Jace's. But then I decided to stop whining. It is an impressively tall stack though, made all the more impressive by all the work that keeps being assigned out of them all. 

So tonight I'm taking a break from homework and writing papers, of which I am being assigned roughly three a week, to post some really, really belated pictures of the kids' first day of school. Which was at the beginning of September. Better late than never, right? And Seth all decked out for school was just too cute not to post, no matter how long ago the ship sailed. 


We never wake up early enough to eat breakfast at home, so my kids are always eating bagels, waffles, or cereal in bags on the way to school. It's just how things go around here. Seth is in love with his new-to-him backpack, and I am thrilled that Jace agreed to pass it down to him and completely in love with the fact that this is the alligator backpack's third year in circulation and it's still holding strong. 


Ava is reusing her backpack this year, too (which she is NOT thrilled about, let me tell you!), so we only had to buy one new backpack and lunch bag this year! And we got those for ten bucks! I love a good bargain. 


Ava and her best friend, Ella, posing for a picture at school. They have been exactly the same size for the longest wasn't until I saw this picture that I realized that Ava has gotten even more freakishly tall. 


Here are Jace, Ava, Ella, and Addy. They're in Pre-K, First, First, and Third grade respectively. This is ridiculous, by the way, and they should all be toddlers. 


Ava's first grade classroom. 


Jace's Pre-K classroom. He got moved to a new seat that same day because the mirror behind him was way too much distraction for him. God Bless his teacher, that's all I have to say. 

Aside from my brain exploding thanks to trying to make it think like it should to be in college again, things are good. Jace didn't get on yellow this week (Baby steps!), and Seth is doing great at school. Everyone in the house is sick right now, and Ava basically spent close to the entire week home with this really odd cold/flu combo that just will. not. go. away. It's not fun. 

The restaurant is closed for renovations this weekend so I may actually have time to catch up on some things! That's pretty exciting, let me tell you. And the most exciting's actually starting to cool down around here! I love Florida in the fall. Or our version of fall, I guess I should say. It's pretty great. Now if only we got the change of colors like everyone up north does, it would be perfect. 
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