Saturday, September 25, 2010

What's New? She's Sitting, and They're Fighting.

So finally...finally, finally, finally, Vivi is beginning to sit! She'll be ten months old next week, so it is about time. This opens up so many carts, high, oh man, this girl has been throwing us some wrenches what with being prone or crawling all the time. 

But. But. With the sitting has come a new difficulty. 

Seth has realized that Evany is alive. 

And Evany has realized that toys are fun and she wants them. All to herself.

Therefore, Seth has realized that he has competition, for the first time in his. entire. life. 






It has been hilarious. It's like watching a grudge match. Or one of those Japanese reality shows where people have to do crazy things to win money. Except there is no money, just toys.  And they both want them all. In just five minutes, they each go from celebrating over winning the toy they want to crying bitterly over losing the object of their desire. 

Then they do it all over again. Twenty times. Although that may be an understatement, now that I think of it. 
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