Monday, September 6, 2010


My feet are killing me! The restaurant was super busy tonight. I guess everyone was excited about getting to sleep in tomorrow and cook out or something.

So I'm totally posting some pictures here that I posted on twitter. Because I like them. 

We had some of the neighbor kids over yesterday, and we got to witness Evany and Nora having their first conversation. They're both obliging me and looking at the camera here (because I was chirping, clucking, and generally acting like a freak to get their attention), but for nearly an hour after this picture was taken, they cooed back and forth at eachother. Or rather, Nora cooed and Evany screamed "da da da da ba ba da DA!" over and over. She's one loud baby.


While the two baldest babies in the world chatted, Ava took charge of the boys and got them all into their seats and being attentive while she taught them some very important lessons about animals. Namely, buffalo. After she gave the lecture, she took them on a walk for a little real life application, and when they passed Evany and Nora, she said "These are buffalo. They're disguised as human babies." Seth, Fisher, and Jace processed that and then started waving at them and yelling "Hi! Hi Buffalo!" I'm not sure if they were pretending or they just took Ava's word as gold or what, but those babies were buffalo. In disguise.


At Seth's nap time, I laid him down in his pack n play (his current crib replacement). A few minutes later I saw him come running out of his room, pleased as punch at his escape. I scooped him up and headed back to his room and saw that he is an evil genius. He had pulled up the pack n play mattress and shoved stuffed animals underneath it, building himself a nifty little exit ramp. I confiscated the animals and laid him back down, and then he started vaulting out of the pack n play using sheer determination and self righteous anger. And screaming. I think the screaming helped him climb out, too.  How dare I put him down for a nap? After literally thirty trips to deposit the child back in his bed, it occurred to me that it had gotten pretty quiet, and I inched open his door to see if he'd fallen asleep.

This is what I found.


He was fast asleep draped over the exhausted he didn't even wake up when I went to grab my phone to take a picture and walked in and out of his room twice. He had apparently realized that no matter what I was going to toss him back into bed, so he climbed out of the pack n play and fell asleep standing up leaning on the ottoman.

That is one stubborn kid. 
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