Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We're Alive!

We're still here. It's just been an intensely overwhelming week in a series of overwhelming weeks, and at the end of the night my brain is just tapped out and the words don't come.

Youth Group started back up this week, and along with that came a kids' bible study similar to Awana that Ava and Jace started. They've been begging to go to this forever, and tonight, they finally got their wish. Of course, once we waited in the line to sign them in, they both freaked out at the door, deciding they didn't want to go after all. They went, though, and they ended up having a great time, whether they liked it or not! Kidding. They did like it.

Seth went a little crazy at church Sunday when I put his cochlear implant processors on. It was my fault, I think...I put them on him in the lobby when there were roughly a billion people yakking away, and the sound was too much for him all at once. He screamed bloody murder and ripped his processors off, then clapped his hands over his ears and yelled "No!" at me over and over.

And that was the beginning of the War of the Ears. After we ruled out a processor issue, it turned into a control issue, and every time I tried to put his processors on, he would turn into a whirling dervish, a slippery eel of a kid. If I managed to bribe him with candy long enough to get them on, he ripped them off when I looked away. It's been getting uglier by the day. I've been so torn over what to do...I don't want to make it a bad association, but he needs to hear. Period. I didn't know what would happen tonight, and after kids came up to me three times with his processors in their hands, having picked them up after he tried to do away with them in trash cans or planters, I ended up wrestling my two year old to the floor in front of our entire church and basically holding him in what I'm sure is some super fancy wrestling hold while I put them back on. Then we sat on the floor amidst all the people trying to enjoy their fellowship dinner while I held his hands down in mine and waited out the screaming and flailing.

Luckily he ended up calming down and I managed to deposit him in class with his ears still on his head, and somehow the childcare workers, who I am convinces are angels, managed to keep him engaged and distracted enough to leave them on until he forgot about them!

It was a Christmas miracle. Or a Back to School miracle, I guess.

Speaking of school, my kids are not back yet. In school, that is. I. however, am. I decided very abruptly two weeks ago that I was going to become a college student again. This time, I'm going to major in something useful. I would love to become an Audiologist, but it's a huge time commitment, so right now I'm heading into a nursing program at a school in the area. I would love to work in a NICU someday. My major had very little math or science, so this semester I'm playing catch up and wow, is it ever hard to make my brain work in school mode these days! I'm taking a full course addition to homeschooling my kids two days a week, Seth's therapies, leading youth group, and, you know, raising my kids, so...pray for me, please. I'll need it!

That's about all that's going on here. Next week is the big first day of school for my three eldest, and aside from being terrified we'll oversleep, I am really looking forward to it. Ava is heading into first grade, which is just insane to me.

Speaking of Ava, I have to share something funny she said, then I have to go take a test online.

Tonight I was talking to a friend of mine about her new puppy, and I told her she was welcome to a training crate we don't use anymore. She was super excited about it, and I was too, because it meant that it would not be taking up room next to my bed anymore. 

She told me she'd call me to come pick it up, and I nodded, then Ava pushed herself in front of me and shoved her face up near mine. 

"Mom, that is RIDICULOUS!" She yelled angrily. I'm pretty sure she shook her fist, too. 

"Ava, what are you talking about?" I responded, puzzled. 

"You just told Miss Meghan she could have our DOG!" She said, her voice shaking with self righteous indignation. "She cannot have our dog!"

I raised my eyebrows at her, laughing, and said "I told Miss Meghan she could have the dog crate, Ava, not the dog."

Ava took a second to process that news, then shrugged. "Oh. Well, that's not what I heard."

And then I told her that she needed to stop listening to adult conversations. That kid. Seriously.

Anyway, that's where we're at these days. Both kids prayed tonight that God would make them good soccer players. I think that might be one of those areas where God can only do so much unless they're willing to start kicking the ball and stop looking for shapes in the clouds.

How's school going for all of you?
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