Friday, October 29, 2010

Everybody needs a little fairy dust!

If you hadn't realized, I am totally that mom...the mom that makes her kids dress up in theme costumes. Luckily for me, they have gone right along with me so far! This year, we chose Peter Pan as our theme. And since everybody needs a little fairy dust in their lives, something to think happy thoughts for, we decided to have two Tinkerbells this year. 


Tonight we went trick or treating downtown. It was Evany's first halloween...this is the first time I've had a baby that was old enough on their first halloween to actually enjoy it! She was a rockstar. Definitely the best behaved of all the kids. 


I'm kind of in love with her, you guys. This eleven month old (tomorrow!) has totally stolen my heart. She's basically the most precious thing I've ever seen. And funny, too! Wit is important, even in babyhood.



Jace was our Captain Hook, and he had the time of his life collecting more candy than I have ever seen in one place. He takes trick or treating seriously. It could be a career for him. 


And this one? My Peter Pan? He pulled his sister in our radio flyer wagon for at least three blocks. He's like Samson. Or He-Man. Kid is crazy strong. It took him a while to get into the groove of candy collecting, but within a block or two, he was right in the thick of it with the other kids. Of course, he didn't really get the concept of asking for one piece and moving on...he was shaking down the people handing out treats with a vengeance. I saw one person give him three separate handouts before I could drag him away. 


Ava made a lovely Tinkerbell as well. She is just such a sweet girl...her shoes gave her terrible blisters and the bandaids I put on her feet kept falling off but she just kept trucking along. Also, her legs are getting incredibly long. I'm a little worried about what I'm going to be dealing with in ten years.



Here are all eight ShCall kids. From left to right on the top row is Ella, Addy, Ava, and Jace. On the bottom row are Fisher, Nora, Evany, and Seth. The Shelton kids were dressed as a Rock Band, which was a great idea that I was totally jealous of. But I am really happy with how the kids costumes turned out! Evany and Jace both wore old costumes of Ava's, so I only had to buy two this year. That's always exciting!

Hope you all have a great time trick or treating this weekend! I'd love to hear about your kids costumes (and yours!)

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