Monday, November 1, 2010

Seth Vlogs.

Well, sort of. There are two short videos of Seth that are beyond adorable, and I just had to post them tonight. 

First off, a few weeks ago, Seth finally learned how to put his own processor headpiece back on! This is a miracle. I think I mentioned how he was flipping out when he would knock the magnetic headpiece off in the car, and I'd have to pull over and fix it. It would happen over and over and he would just lose it when he couldn't hear. 

But finally...finally...he figured it out! Our lives are about a hundred times simpler now! The look on his face when he realizes he can fix it himself is just priceless. For the record...we were parked when I took this!

The second video is of Seth and Vivi while we were trick or treating Friday night. He's like Samson. Or Paul Bunyan. Or someone who is insanely strong, anyway. He did this for over three blocks and would not let anyone help him at all. He even quit collecting candy so he could devote all his energy to this project. It was hilarious. 

Things are good here. Seth has a neurology appointment next week (finally!) to delve into a few of his issues a little more thoroughly. Please pray we can avoid an MRI! That is a big issue for kids with cochlear implants. 
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