Monday, November 29, 2010

The pleasure's been all mine- Happy Birthday Baby.

It's been a year, almost. Right about now a year ago, I was sitting in a hospital room with a killer headache and no idea when my baby was going to be born, except that it would be early. I can guarantee you I had no clue that she would be making her appearance less than twenty four hours later, with considerable fanfair as I was rushed down the hall to the operating room for an emergency c-section, at risk of losing her. 

But we didn't. She was born pink and screaming and she blew us all away with her sheer will and tenacity for life. As her doctor said a couple of days later, "Evany is a very sick baby. But apparently, no one has told her!". From day one, she was surprising us with her positive outlook. Soon after she was born, someone commented that her name means "tranquil and untroubled." I had no idea when I named her, but it fits her to a tee. This kid is just plain happy. She has a smile for anyone she meets, and she seems to love just being here. Everyone talks about what a great, easy baby she is, and while it's true, I don't think it's because she's the fourth (fifth) born. I think her personality is just laid back and content. 

All night I've been rereading old comments and emails from when she was born and maybe crying some, in a good way, and it overwhelms me to know how many people were rooting for her from the very beginning. Someday, I know she'll be just as overwhelmed as I am to know that, to learn that people, even online, can surround and support and be God with skin on. No matter what bad things happen in life,  people have a huge capacity for love, and I want her to learn that. 

Thanks to you guys, I know she's already felt it. 

Thank you. Thank you for coming alongside us as we've navigated the last year, and even before that. Here's a little glimpse of my baby girl and how she's grown this year. 

Evany 022

















Happy Birthday, Baby. 

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