Sunday, November 7, 2010


We're playing hooky from church today; Seth is wheezing and coughing up a storm and since he's never predictable, I didn't want to risk taking him out and his breathing worsening. 

At work last night, I almost died. It was freezing! Our entire restaurant is outside, and last night was not fun. I know, I know, you northerners are laughing at me, but the high humidity here makes our cool weather feel downright cold. Add to that the fact that last night was the town's wine festival, and you get cold, disgruntled servers dealing with very tipsy wine drinkers. It wasn't a banner evening!

So I had a thought the other day. I know my posting has been slower this semester as I adjust to life as a student again. I was thinking maybe I would start posting some vintage posts in between current posts, so that those of you who haven't been reading from the beginning could get a glimpse of what our life was like back in the day while we were approaching Seth's implantation. 

If that would be super annoying, let me know. I would make sure it was obvious that it was an older post, but I was reading back through posts from before I had any readers and thought it could be a fun thing to do. 

I wish you could see how trashed out my living room is right now. Actually, that's not true. I'm glad you can't see what my trashed out living room looks like as we all lay around in pajamas and watch Cake Boss! 

Alright. My kids are fighting over the baby like she's a piece of halloween candy, so I'd better go. 

Speaking of halloween candy, what do you do with yours? Have you gotten rid of yours yet or is it still sitting all over your kitchen counter? Maybe that's just me. 
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