Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So tonight when I was dropping Ava and Jace off at Awana,  Evany threw up all over herself and her carseat. I grabbed some napkins to clean her up and before I knew it, I was hunched over next to my van throwing up myself. That was super fun. 

Oh, the joys of the first trimester of pregnancy and an all too sensitive gag reflex. 

Thank you for all the kind comments since I posted our families little announcement. It means so much to me, and I've read every one. . I appreciate every email and comment, though, and I love the dialogue that goes on here. I do my best to respond to comments in the comment section. I am doing my best to catch up on emails, but I'm already in a bit over my head with school. 

Being in college full time and being exhausted all the time don't go together great. 

So here are some details after yesterday's post. This is off the top of my head, so if you asked a questions and I didn't answer yours, feel free to remind me. 

My due date is August 4th. I'll be eleven weeks tomorrow. Someone asked how I've been feeling, and the answer is...basically like death warmed over. I've been sicker than I ever remember being, and on top of that I am lucky to make it to nine o'clock without falling asleep. And that's if I've had a nap that day. I'm doing my best to nap with Seth and Evany are down and Ava and Jace are in school. I'm hoping against hope that this sickness goes away at the end of the first trimester, although with Ava I threw up every day until she was born. Brat. Someday I will have to remind her of that. 

Evany and the new baby will be around 20 months apart in age, which strangely enough is the longest age gap I have ever had between children. Ava and Jace are just over 12 months apart, and Jace and Eli, Eli and Seth, and Seth and Evany were all sixteen months apart. Twenty months feels like a lot longer than it is to me, but I don't have a normally spaced family to compare it to! 

I am still planning to stay in school full time this semester. I won't be able to continue my serving job past a certain point (not sure what that point is...I'll defer to my OB there), and it's very important to me to keep trucking along with school. Luckily all my classes are online, so if I can just keep my eyes open I should be okay. Although I have Anatomy this semester as well as an Anatomy lab, and man oh man is it shaping up to be a hard class. Last semester I ended up with three A's and a B, which I'm thrilled with. 

I don't know if we'll find out what we're having. Ava says it must be a girl, Jace says it must be a boy, and I have concrete ulttrasound proof that there is only one baby in there, so someone is going to be upset no matter what happens. Maybe I'll wait until birth to soften the blow, or maybe I'll find out. Not sure yet. I change my mind daily. We've got all the big things we need, so it doesn't matter  whole lot either way. 

Speaking of the kids...they're just amazing. I've been incredibly sick and Ava is always in there wanting to hold my hair and rub my back. She's always telling me not to fight it. She cracks me up. I told them just before Christmas, after I'd had an ultrasound and knew the baby was viable. I was really nervous, not about them being upset about another baby, but being confused about my relationship with their dad. Finally I just said "Hey Guys, I have a surprise! We're going to have another baby!" 

They got really, really excited, and then Ava stopped and said "Wait a minute...don't babies need two parents?" I froze for a second, and then I said "You're right. But don't you have two parents?" Ava nodded, and I said that this baby be just like them, and then they just went on their merry way celebrating. They haven't mentioned anything else about it and it doesn't seem to strike them as odd at all. Sometimes the simplest explanation really does work best with kids. 

I am nervous about this baby being early, but I have a good feeling. Everything has been text book so far and I have every reason to hope that I will defy my own history and have a full term baby. That's the plan for now, and if something changes and the baby needs to come early, well, we've been down that road and it's familiar, so we'll be fine. But I would love, love, love, to bring a baby home from the hospital with me for once. 

I have missed posting and writing a whole lot, and even though school is back in session I have every intention of being a good blogger as well as a good student. And a good parent, of course. But we're good. Tired and pukey but good. My kids are, as always, the best medicine. 

Okay, off to do some Anatomy! Hope you all have a great night!

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