Sunday, January 16, 2011

So Big!

First of all, I got an 88% on my first two Anatomy quizzes! I wish it had been a 90%, but considering my weekend, I'll take it! This class is hard, you guys...well, two classes really, because of the lab, which is separate. It's like learning a whole new language! This is a class like none I have ever taken...on my previous college go-round it was all psychology and communication and so on. This science is a whole new thing for me. The good thing is I'm really enjoying it so far, even though it is really stretching my brain. Ava is also studying Anatomy in school this year, so she thinks it is super cool that we're both studying the same thing.

We've still be laying low this weekend trying to recover. Luckily the kids all like each other pretty well or we'd have a problem. When we were hanging out today, Ava wanted to make a recording of Evany and I hanging out, and this is what she ended up with:

The first thing I typed above in place of "recording" was "video tape." We don't even have a VCR. Some habits die hard, though, since I have a really hard time dropping the language. Someday my kids are going to hear my say something and shake their heads at me, sighing and muttering "Gah, she is so uncool! She doesn't even know what to call things!"

And they'll be right.

Anyway, Evany is trying really hard to grow hair, with middling success. I mean, she has a lot of hair for her. After her first round of hair fell out, you could literally feel no fuzz whatsoever, just scalp. Now you can actually see that there is actual hair on her head. Now she just has to work on growing some more of it. It doesn't help that it's relatively light in color, so it doesn't stand out. She has this one lock in the back that's a couple of inches long, which is very exciting to me. She won't wear headbands anymore because she thinks she is entirely too cool for that, so some hair growth is all I can hope for so people stop telling me I have an adorable son.

To be fair, these same people often call Seth a girl, so maybe it all evens out in the end.

On a completely different topic, I have a problem.

It's super early and I may change my mind...I won't rule that out, even though all four kids names other than Eli's were on the table by the end of the first trimester. Names seem to pop up early for me in pregnancy. But every name I like for the new baby breaks my naming rules. Basically every single one of them. This is hard for me to deal with. There should be a twelve step program for baby name addicts.

I'm off to watch Bones now before bed. I'm on the last season on Netflix so I'll be having to search for a new series soon...any suggestions?
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