Thursday, February 17, 2011

50/50...will it be a he or she?

Many thanks to the commenter who reminded me about my cup of pee! 

The cup itself is long gone but I completely forgot that I'd never updated about whether or not it changed into a girl! Hah. 

So to recap, the original gender predictor test I took said it was a boy with the caveat that if the mixture inside the cup changed colors within a week then it was actually a girl. Yes, confusing. I know. 

But the color never changed, so the results for that test were officially "boy" results. 

Then I was contacted by the lovely folks over at Intelligender, who offered to send me a test to try out and also included an awesome goody called elasti-oil  from their new Intelliceuticals line that I'm excited about reviewing when I'm showing a little more. I apparently love taking tests you have to pee on, so I said "yes, please!" and before I knew it the test had arrived in my mailbox. 


The cup inside was improved from the last time I took the test (when I was pregnant with Evany), with a fancy syringe and a rubber stopper valve in the top instead of just a sticker. Pretty simple instrauctions...pee in the included cup, use the syringe to collect 10 mL of urine, then insert into the test jar. Wait five minutes, then read the results. There is an orange colored label on one side and an army green label on the opposite side, with the words "Boy" and "Girl" emblazoned on the appropriate color. 



Plus it looks like there is glitter inside, so that's festive, right? I followed all the directions and anxiously watched the magic happen, then took this picture at the five minute mark:


Pretty clear, right? The color definitely matched the "Boy!" side much more than the "Girl!" side, so there you go. Boy result!

To be honest, I still wasn't convinced, although the test was super fun to take. I was still basically dying to know for sure what I was going to have. So when I found out that I was getting an ultrasound today and there was a good chance we'd be able to learn the gender I was thrilled. I wanted to be able to include some of my family since I'd be in Indiana for the rest of this pregnancy, so Mara, my Mom, my Grandmother and I, along with a few of the ShCall kids who weren't in school all crowded into the room to see what we could see.

While we were still in the parking lot, Mara had taken a last minute poll about what everyone thought I was having. I didn't register a vote because I didn't want to be wrong, but there were two girl guesses and one boy vote  as we headed in. As soon as I saw the baby up on the screen, though, I thought "Oh, that's a boy." We couldn't see any details at the time, just a profile, but that was my very first thought.

Which is kind of crazy, because first of all, sixteen week old fetuses don't really look like anything, plus I kind of figured that getting "boy" results on these gender predictor tests was a fluke to throw me off, so I'd been thinking about girl names lately. But as soon as I saw that baby, I thought blue. A few minutes later the tech got the money shot and paused, waiting for me to make my guess. Similarly to the way I reacted during the gender ultrasound with Evany, I answered with a question. "I don't see three lines. Is that a boy? It is! That's a boy!" I exclaimed. "Are you guys seeing this?" I asked everyone else in the room. 

I was right. 

It's a Boy!

And I'm so excited. I would have been thrilled with a girl as well, but as soon as I saw this baby, as I said, I just knew he was a boy. I think I've kind of known all along. And as soon as I knew for sure, it just clicked. I can no longer imagine him being anything but a boy. I think if I hadn't second guessed myself so much I wouldn't have been afraid to say that I had a feeling it was a boy. 

So here's Baby Thor in all his long-legged glory:


I think he's adorable. But I could be biased. I think I'm imagining it because there's no way he could have fat in his face already, but doesn't he look like he is going to have the sweetest head with incredibly chubby cheeks?  I love my lovely girls more than life itself, but baby boys have a very special place in my heart, probably because of Eli. I know this baby is a blessing...just look at him! I can't wait to meet him. 

So there you go. We are a family of four boys and two girls. It feels right to me. 

Many thanks to Intelligender for supplying the gender predictor test, and kudos...the test was right!

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