Monday, February 28, 2011

Dog Days

Isn't it funny how something can eat away at you without even realizing it? I have been seriously stressing out about what to do about our dog, Ally, for a while. I think I was in denial for a bit that we wouldn't be able to bring her, in a similar way to how I was in denial about the entire move. I just couldn't picture life without her.

At the same time, logically, I knew there was no way we could bring her, so we were stuck. I didn't want to give her away, I really didn't want to take her to a shelter, but I was really running out of options.

So this morning when a family we homeschool with came up to me with a list of questions about Ally, I was pleasantly surprised. When they asked if they could "borrow" her for the evening to see how she fit in at their house, I was cautiously optimistic. But when they brought her home tonight to my kids (who were very anxiously awaiting her return), and told me that they had met as a family and wanted to foster Ally until we found a rental, I was overjoyed. A great family we know and trust that wanted her would be perfect but still bittersweet for me, but a great family we know and trust that wants to make her part of their family for a time and then give her back to us when we get situated? Totally an answered prayer.

And the weight off my shoulders is ridiculous. I seriously feel about ten times better about the move.

And speaking of which, the first load of stuff went out today. My Aunt Lori drove down for an impromptu mini vacation and offered to take a carload of stuff back with her. So the move has officially begun. For a while I was doing a pretty good job of keeping things neat and orderly as I packed up, but as of today it all flew out the window and I am maniacally grabbing things I  think we'll need in the van and putting them in really nonsensical piles as if I'll remember why they're there later. Right now I'm looking at an impressive assortment of things lining our bar. The group consists of a baby monitor, two nebulizers, insulin syringes, two Harry Potter wands, Seth's box of tricks and back up supplies for his cochlear implants, a Dry n' Store, an FM system, baby wipes, a red dinosaur figurine, and a Bible.

For some reason I thought it was really important that all those things be grouped together. Imperative, really. And now I can't for the life of me remember why. We've officially entered the manic stage of moving. I have no idea what we'll end up in Indiana with, but it looks like it will definitely be a varied assortment of things.

We're getting there.
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