Friday, March 4, 2011

Georgia on my mind

We left the Sunshine State yesterday. It was full of tears and sadness and not a little bit of stressing out. Our goodbyes with my family, John, and all the students and teachers were tough. We said a whole lot of goodbyes and took a lot of pictures which are trapped on my computer now because the cord to transfer them over is packed somewhere in the van.

I was kind of a mess all morning, and songs on the radio were making me cry right and left. While we were all very sad as we pulled out of the parking lot at school yesterday (after most of the students yelled final goodbyes to Ava and Jace as their parents drove away with them), we brightened up as we headed out of town and things actually went really well on the first leg of the trip. We knew we'd made it to Georgia when our waiter at Cracker Barrel had a decidedly southern accent. It was impressive.

We stayed last night in Tifton, and we're getting around and ready to head out for our long day of driving today. I'm priceline-ing a hotel as we speak and am hoping to luck out and get one with free breakfast and free internet again because I have some school work I have got to get done. Last night Seth was up and bouncing off the walls and beds...literally...until well after ten o'clock.

Overall, things are going well. We are so sad to leave, but the trip so far has been filled with laughter and fun. Let's hope today goes the same way!
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