Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to Seth's Ears!

I know we just celebrated this a month ago, but that was the two year anniversary of Seth's cochlear implant surgery. Today is the two year anniversary of the day he was activated, the day he heard for the first time.

I like today.

For those who weren't reading at the time or who just want to remember what it was like on that day, here is the video if Seth hearing my voice for the first time. Best 37 seconds ever. Haha!

This is a video of Seth watching the above video this morning. What a difference two years makes! And yes, he has terrible bed head! (It might still be processing, but it should be up soon!) It's nothing too exciting, but the fact that he's here and hearing is pretty exciting to me!

Seth happened to have a booth testing yesterday for his upcoming IEP for school next year. It was perfect timing for his two year hearing birthday, and we got great results...Seth 's hearing with his cochlear implants is, in a word, perfect! He falls within normal hearing limits in all frequencies. This is so cool and not always typical for kids with cochlear implants, so we're thrilled.

He's amazing. His implants are amazing. It's a great day here at our house!

Hope everyone else has a great day, too!
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