Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I think the summer is agreeing with them, don't you?

I have to say, I think these kids are flourishing in this Indiana summer, judging from these pictures I took after their big Pow-Wow at camp tonight.








And I have to say that I think this thirty-five week baby boy is thriving, too!


Things are good. The kids are loving their camp this week, Seth and Evany are getting into lots of trouble and talking up a storm at home, I am getting lots of school work done in preparation for my semester ending in just two weeks, and after four amazing months with my family we are moving into our very own place here in just a few weeks! Sometimes God just shakes things into place in amazing ways. 

Yep. Life is good. When my major complaint is intensely swollen ankles, I know these are good problems to have. 

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