Sunday, July 31, 2011

He's four weeks old!

Coen turned four weeks old today!


He's a very blessed little boy to have older brothers who love him so much.



But then again, and I know I may be biased, but how could you not love this face?


In all seriousness, Coen is such an easy baby. He's very laid back and aside from slightly restless evenings, he is one calm little guy. Nursing a baby every three hours around the clock is tiring, but having a relaxed baby like him makes it easy to make the best of it. 

Having my mom and Mara here has been amazing...Ava and Ella just fell right back into their friendship like they'd never been apart and they had an awesome five days together, and I loved getting to see Mara. My mom took Jace on a special camping trip so that he would be able to do something cool while the girls were here. We ran all over the place, hitting the county fair and the zoo as well as a bunch of other things. It had been nearly five months since we had seen them, so our quality time was long overdue. 


It's been amazing having the last couple of weeks free of stress about homework and tests! I'm looking forward to being able to hang out and actually have a little bit of a summer vacation with the kids before we all have to buckle down again. 

And yes, I have been a little obsessed with black and white pictures lately...I know, I know! For those who have asked I take pictures with a Nikon D40 and lately have been using a 50mm 1.8 lens pretty religiously. 

And now I'm off to feed the baby. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
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