Saturday, August 13, 2011

Single Best Purchase

Since we've moved I've had to buy lots of odds and ends, but there is one purchase that stands out as the absolute best purchase I've made in quite a while.


Nope, it's not Seth. It's the padlock on the refrigerator. 

Hardcore, right?

We have to be around here. Seth is a scavenger and he is freakishly strong. He rips off traditional child proofing equipment with ease. He's like He-Man (Now that's a dated reference...I think my kids have been watching too much Shera on netflix). Things were bad...he was getting the jug of milk out every five minutes and trying to pour himeslf a glass. He was eating all the yogurt. One night he snuck out of bed and silently ate the better part of half a pizza without ever taking it out of the fridge.  Another time he dumped an entire half gallon of flavored coffee creamer onto the floor. We went through two different pathetic refrigerator locks in no time at all, and I finally found myself on Amazon searching for something that could stand up to my three year old without drilling into the refrigerator in my rented apartment. 

And I found the holy grail of locks. It's some sort of crazy strong adhesive, steel cables, and the best part...a padlock. And it even matches my refrigerator! I put it one one day when Seth was napping, and when he woke up, he headed to the kitchen to pilfer something as usual, and he saw the lock. 

He stared at it for a while in disbelief, then grabbed the handle and tried to open it, shaking it back and forth, putting his whole body into it. Finally, he let go. His head dropped down, his shoulders slumped pathetically, and he let out this primal wail of disappointment. He had met his match.

It was a great moment. 

Later, he saw me open the lock with a key and the next thing I knew, he had my car keys out and was trying each one of them in the lock. He was insanely frustrated when none of them worked. He has yet to beat the King of Refrigerator Locks, and our lives are so much easier! 

It's the little things. Like opening the fridge after finally getting all five kids asleep and finding my cookie dough right where I left it. 

That? Is priceless. 

We've been hanging out at home all day working on the potty training with middling success. We had four successful trips to the bathroom and about as many accidents. I have learned he will pee on command for cake, though, so I think I'll just ask his preschool teacher if she can keep some on hand for bathroom breaks. That's totally reasonable, right?

I knew the other shoe was going to drop one day...Ava and Jace were entirely too easy to potty train. Seth is the great equalizer, sent here to humble me just in case I thought I had it figured out. 

Good thing he's cute. 
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