Thursday, August 11, 2011


Check it out! Three days in a row! I feel so accomplished. 

Today, I captured the Coen's very first smile. 

It was a nice moment. 


It basically blows me away that this little boy is almost six weeks old. His due date passed on the 4th, so now he's a real live supposed-to-be here baby. He's celebrated by deciding he wants to be held every. single. second. It's been interesting, to say the least. Today I finally dug out a sling and popped him into it, and that helped immensely and I was actually able to clean!

Our apartment is actually pretty close to spotless, but I had to do a fair bit of cleaning today thanks to Seth, who decided to get creative with the toaster while I was changing Evany's sheets. He went and poured that canister of sugar that was out for cereal into the toaster and turned it on. 

It went about as well as you would imagine, and my lovely brand new toaster is now what amounts to a paperweight full of melted, burnt sugar. What would possess a kid to put sugar in the toaster? Kids are weird. 


That lemonade stand gave my kids a taste for entrepreneurship. Today they told me that had it all figured out and that there were going to go out on the porch and put on a "street dance" performance that people could pay them to watch. 

They blew me off when I told them that getnerally it was good to have something tangible to give people in exchange for their money, like, say...lemonade, rather than simply the privilege to watch their dancing, then they spent all day rehearsing. Jace's act is "Pantomime". He climbs out of a box and then trips over a string, over and over. I think he just likes falling over a lot.

Also, I held out for a long time, but I finally accepted Mandy's  invite to pinterest today. I was wracking my brain for ideas to decorate the apartment, so I caved and set up an account. 

And now my life is over. There are so many awesome craft and photograph ideas on there! This is going to be bad, I can tell. Now I want to do it all. I saw an awesome picture idea with several siblings and a newborn, so I tried to do it with my kids today, and it failed miserably. I blame Evany. She's really not a good listener. I'm going to try again without her and then when she's older and in therapy because of the family picture without her in it, I'll just tell her she should have been more obedient when she was a one year old. I mean, really. She'll be two in four months, she needs to get it together.

And now I'm off to feed Baby Co and head for bed. 

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