Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dear Coen at Five Months

Baby Co is Five Months Old!


Dear Coen

How is it possible that you are five months old today? Time sure flies when you're snuggling a cute baby. As long as I'm asking you questions, where did your hair go? I was so excited about that hair...I should have known better! You are basically the spitting image of your biggest sister and your dad. It's fun to see a darker baby after the two blond haired blue eyes ones we've had most recently!

Thank you for being healthy. No, seriously. You have yet to need a single pediatrician appointment that was for anything but a well baby check up. I don't even know how much you weigh because it's been so long since you've had to go in! I love that. So much. You're an awesome nurser, and you sleep about eight hours at night and some pretty good chunks throughout the day, although you are staying awake for longer periods as well.

Your godmother Mandy thinks you are a judgy baby, and it's have a formidable scowl. But you totally redeemed yourself this month when we met up for breakfast when she was on a road trip when you smiled at her all throughout the meal. Thanks for that.

You roll both directions now, are close to getting onto your hands and knees when on your belly, and you're starting to tripod sit a little bit. I think you're pretty on track for your milestones, especially considering that you were a bit early. I'm too busy just enjoying your babyhood to really stress about where you're at...I've learned from Seth and Evany that babies do stuff when they do it, and that worrying about it doesn't help much, so you're free to develop as you see fit.


What I love the most, Coen, is seeing your personality start to shine. You're a funny guy! You love to be tickled and I'll often look up from doing homework to see your grinning from ear to ear at me, just waiting for me to look at you. Which reminds me, we need to talk about how you've seriously been distracting me from school. It's a problem. Lucky for you, you're very cute.

You have not escaped the nickname CoCo. In fact, not only Ava and Jace call you that, Seth and Evany have picked it up as well. Luckily I think you're masculine enough to pull it off!

Thanks for being so awesome!

I love you, Co.

Love, Mama

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